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I'm Mithil Thaker

1993 Born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

I am Hearing impaired by birth. So I use Hearing Aids!


My prime interest is in drawing and painting from my childhood. When I was kid, my parents used to allow me to watch only Discovery and Cartoon channels. My professors in college also guide me in drawing and colouring. Those channels created a deep interest inside me in colours and creations of nature. Many forms and faces still today are in my memory when I am 2 years old today..Those images and colours inspire me even today and due to that, I could make any face in any size by pencil and then in colour, if it is put before me on the table. I have full trust in my god who guides me in the field of art to learn the colour-mixing and other advanced colour techniques. I am confident that I can enrich and make my art perfect. To become the world renowned and unique artist, is my life target. I want to equip myself with all instruments, materials and knowledge of the field. This is my AMBITION!


( 2011 to 2017 ) - Fine Arts ( Applied Art ) Diploma Completed at C N College Of Fine Arts in Ahmedabad 

Mithil Thaker

Solo Show

2021 - Virtual Solo Exhibition 2021 By Artist Mithil Thaker ( Onilne Exhibition By Kunstmatrix )

2022 - Virtual Solo Exhibition 2022 | Art Posters By Artist Mithil Thaker 


Selected for Exhibitons & Awards

2016 - Selected my Drawing for 82nd All India Exhibiton Of Arts 2016 ( Amritsar )

2017 - My illutration painting was selected and Consolation 2 Prize Winner for All India Painting Competition "Paint My Thoughts" (New Delhi)

2017 - 3rd prize win : theme - "Creative nature" is all Gujarat photography competition 2017  ( Ahmedabad )

2017 - my watercolour was selected for Finext Award & National Exhibition of Mini- Art work (Bopal)

2018 - my painting was selected for All India Art Competition and Exhibition 2018 at Hydrabad.

2019 - 2 Awards Visualiser for Zero Gravity Communication 2019 ( Ahmedabad )

2020 - Artwork was selected for derwent art prize 2020 ( London, United Kingdom )

2020 - Selected My Artwork COVID-19 (Cartoons & Illustrations) for India Council For Cultural Ralations ( ICCR ) 



2017 - Navgujarat samay Newspaper ( link )

2017 - creative yatra - 13th All Gujarat Annual Photography Exhibition Displays Aspects of Nature Uniquely ( link )

2019 - Voice Without Noise ( Ahmedabad ) ( link )

2020 - Radio City In Ahmedabad ( link )

2020 - Platform-mag ( link )


Voice without noise_ahmedbad.jpg

My Life Story By Voice Without Noise ( VWN )

Director: Vrunda Soni

Interviewer: Tanvi Shah

Script by: Vrutant Jagtap Camera

Editing courtesy: Akash Solanki (Sky feelms)

Cinematography: Rutvij Dave & Prakshal Ramchandani

Radio City 91.1FM

( Date :1 /1 /2020 )

I was invited by RJ Hardik at radio city 91.1FM

Studio for interview & instant drawing.

Idraw Hardik's sketch in just 10 mins.

He is very much pleased to see mt artworks

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